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1948 BSA B34 Period Racer

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This weeks Bike of the Week is a 1948 BSA B34 Period Racer – Raced by William Devecka. This BSA was purchased from the original owner. Owned and raced by William Devecka in Portland and Eugene, Oregon during the 1940s and 1950s. Bill Devecka successfully raced Flat Track and Speedway bikes in many several classes. This BSA racer comes with many of the BSA factory parts that Bill removed when he built this racer. To find an untouched real race bike with proper history still in the original period race trim is very difficult.

B34 499 cc 1947 1957 overhead valve

The Birmingham Small Arms Company Ltd., known popularly by its acronym BSA, started as a weapons manufacturer in 1861 (Birmingham Small Arms and Metal Co. Ltd.), but went on to become one of the largest motorcycle manufacturers in the world, known colloquially as a “Beeza.BSA’s first flirtation with the bicycle industry began in 1881, with the invention of the “Dicycle” which had two large, identically-sized (side-by-side) wheels that were placed on either side of the rider. The Dicycle was also known as the “Otto dicycle,” named after its creator E.C.F. Otto. Bicycle and dicycle manufacturing by BSA was short-lived, and by the late 1880s the company discontinued their bicycle production alltogether”.Motorcycle production at BSA began around 1906, at their factory on Armoury Road in Small Heath, Birmingham UK. Early BSA models used engines manufactured by outside suppliers. The first BSA motorcycle built entirely in-house came in 1910, using a 498cc 3 1/2 horsepower single. It was around this time that BSA began its signature forest-green livery with gold pinstriping.

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