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1952 Monark Super-Twin

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1952 Monark Super-Twin

Monark Bicycle Company famed maker of Bicycle such as the Monark Silver King made this Motor Bike. The Super Twin ( Monark Bicycle Co. 6501 W Grand Ave. Chicago, Ill) Produced its own Complete Motor Bike (not a kit) The Monark Super Twin. Produced (1949 – 1954) The Engine was Produced by Power Products Corp. of Grafton, WI.( bought out by Tecumseh in 1957) reported by John Stansbury the factory color schemes were as follows. They came in orange and black, turquoise and cream, dark blue and cream, black and cream, and yellow and cream. Power Products adapted it’s engine on many products Lawn Mowers, Chain Saws, Scooters it was a very versatile power plant!

One of the rarest Motorized Bicycles is the Monark Super-Twin, made by the Monark Silver King Co. of Chicago, which in the 1930s began selling an innovative aluminum-framed, balloon-tired bicycle. Seeing Whizzer’s success with powered bicycles, in 1949 Monark cataloged its own purpose-built machine with a more conventional steel frame. Providing the pedal-assist was a unique opposed twin-cylinder two-stroke engine, liberated from lawnmower and chainsaw duty, good for 2 horsepower. The bikes were always sold in two-tone paint schemes, and this black and orange Super-Twin is no exception.

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