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1960 Bob Aquistapase Triumph

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1960 Bob Aquistapase Triumph Chopper Part of Ed Roth Megacycle

The Mega Cycle is a show car built by Ed Roth. With the Mega Cycle, Ed wanted to take a crack at predicting what El Caminos of the 21st century would look like. The first sketches for the car was drawn by Ed Newton in 1966. The car was originally intended for hauling Ed’s Harley XLCH until he purchased a show winning Triumph.

In the 1980’s Fritz Scheneck tackled the restoration of the Megacycle, also took on the motorcycle, the famed and award winning custom Triumph built by Bob Aquistapase of Hollister, CA in the 1960s for Ed Roth, after he was inspired by a Revell Model. The custom chopper is painted Fire Red and has a modified rigid frame with an integrated ftiel tank.

It is thought that most likely the Revell model of inspiration, the 1/25 scale Triumph Motorcycle, which has an uncanny resemblance to the Larry Howard Glittercycle.

The entire front wheel that was put back on the bike is a off the shelf Hallcraft mini disc hub originally available from the mid to late 1970’s, the original front hub was a wide flange spool.

The carburation was changed from the Posa injectors to a pair of Amal concentrics, which is a compromise. The wheels and intake arrangement are the most obvious changes that were made in the 1980’s rebuild.

Some experts feel that the parts used in the 1980’s rebuild were only a matter of bringing the bike back to show quality.

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