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Bike Of The Week – 1909 Marsh Metz

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This weeks Bike of the Week is a 1909 Marsh Metz (Magneto Special).

Marsh, a pioneer of the motorcycle industry, started an American motorcycle company that was around from 1901 until late 1905. The Marsh brothers built their first motorized bicycle in 1899. The 1hp, single cylinder engine soon reached 1.75hp and the Marsh Motor Bicycle was put on the market. Their motor bicycle was among the first to resemble more of an actual motorcycle than a bicycle with a motor. In 1902, the Motorcycle Manufacturing Company integrated the engine with the frame.

Charles Metz started the Waltham Manufacturing Co. in Waltham, Mass. There they made bicycles and produced Orient motorcycles for 1898 to 1904 using Astor engines. He left Waltham in 1902 and started building Metz motorcycles. He became well known for high quality products, using bright plating and polishing. Metz used his own engines to produce single and V-twin engines.

Marsh merged with Metz Motorcycle Company around 1906. The company became known as “M-M”, Marsh Metz. Together, they were more capable of conquering the market. They became the first to develop a 90 degree V-twin. Marsh-Metz sold engines under other names like Peerless, American, National and Arrow. However, like many other motorcycle companies, they closed down in 1913. You can check out some un altered pictures in our latest post.

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