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Bike Of The Week 8/9/2015

Written by Motorcyclepedia

Last Weeks Bike Of The Week was a 1911 Emblem. Emblem Manufacturing Company existed in New York from 1907 to 1935. At first, like many other manufacturers of the time, Emblem bought engines from the Aurora Automatic Machine Company. In 1909, the company started making their own engines which were installed in a loop frame and were belt driven. Production of the V-Twin engined bikes started in 1910.

Emblem’s basic model, knows as “The Emblem”, had a low seat, low center of gravity and short wheelbase, which made it a nimble machine. However, it’s lightweight design was not as favored in the United States as the faster, heavier bikes available, so Emblem shifted its focus to exporting their product.

Although racing was popular at the time, Emblem never sponsored a team of racers, as most of its competitors did. In the summer of 1910, on an old Emblem Twin, and unofficial speed record was set when ta rider delivered a letter from the Mayor of Chicago to the Mayor of New York in under three days!

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