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1964 Harley Davidson

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This 1964 Harley Davidson was the 13th motorcycle in the motorcade of President John F. Kennedy in Dallas, Texas on November 22, 1963. During the escort, President Kennedy was assassinated. The motorcycle was only a month old when the event occurred. There were 13 police motorcycles included in the motorcade; the other 12 are located in other museums and private collections.

Bill Miller, an investigator of the Kennedy assassination and Warren Commission verified this as one of the motorcycles. This motorcycle took the first call on the sniper shooting.

This 1964 FL was also used in the 1991 film, “JFK” starring Kevin Costner. The motorcycle was repainted for the movie. Before filming began, the “prop” crew was looking for the correct “pointed” windshield top and contacted Tedd Cycle Inc in Newburgh, NY for a more authentic look.



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  • What a beautiful bike, I would love to know how it rides. Growing up my dad always had a motorcycle and he would take me and my siblings on rides. However, he had nothing like this. My husband would like to get himself a bike to take our kids and me on rides, maybe he can find an old bike like this.