Q: What are the hours is the museum open?

A: Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, from 10:00AM-5:00PM.

Q: Is the museum open year round?

A: Yes, we are open year round. Our hours remain the same throughout the year.

Q: How much is admission to the museum?

A: The cost of admission is $11 for adults and $5 for children ages 4-12. Children under 3 years are free.  Sales tax is included in the price of admission.

Q: Is the museum handicap accessible?

A: Yes. There are scooter chairs available by request, and we have an elevator.

Q: Can I bring my helmet or backpack in?

A: No, but the museum does have a secure area in the lobby where your helmet or backpack can be left.

Q: Are group rates available?

A: Please contact us at (845) 569-9065 for more information on groups.

Q: Can I take photographs?

A: Yes. You are welcome to take photos *for personal use* inside the museum.

Q: How long will it take me to walk through the museum?

A: We generally advise that it takes between 2 and 2 1/2 hours to see the museum.

Q: Can I bring my pet?

A: The museum does not allow pets. We welcome service animals only.

Q: Is the museum open on any holidays?

A: Generally, no. If a major holiday falls on a day that we would normally be open, we will likely be closed for that day. Please check our website before visiting on a holiday, as we always put alert banners on top of our website to announce closings. You may also call us directly at (845) 569-9065 with any inquiries about our hours.

Q: Is food allowed in the museum?

A: Yes, but it is only permitted to be eaten in certain areas.

Q: Are there any food or drinks available for sale in the museum?

A: Not at this time. You are welcome to step out of the museum to get something to eat elsewhere, and return to the museum when you are done. As long as you present your receipt from that same day at the cash register upon re-entry, you will not be charged a second time for that day.

Q: Is there parking available?

A: Yes, we have a large parking lot for our guests to use during regular museum hours. Parking is free.

Q: Is there anything else to do in the area around the museum?

A: There are plenty of other local attractions. Please visit tripadvisor.com and search for “Newburgh, NY”, or check out our Local Resources Page.