Fireball Run Filming at Motorcyclepedia

Written by Motorcyclepedia

Motorcyclepedia Museum will be closing at 1pm Friday Sept. 30th for the filming of an episode for the 10th Anniversary Season of Fireball Run.

FIREBALL RUN® is an adventure-travel television series & live action adventurally® competition.
It is the real story of 40 teams of adventurers, taking the road less traveled in an epic quest for America’s most obscure and historic artifacts.
And it’s all just for bragging rights, a greater cause and a plastic road sign.

2016 FIREBALL RUN: 10th Anniversary

Western NY to Amesbury, MA
Friday, September 23 – Saturday, October 1, 2016
New York, Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Massachusetts

The FIREBALL RUN Adventurally is the story of a legendary 8 day, 2000 mile life-sized, trivia pursuit road rally competition and unlike Reality TV, this is real. Join zany driving teams as they race to locate America’s most obscure places & historic artifacts. And it’s all just for bragging rights and a plastic road sign. FIREBALL RUN is a mile-for-mile entertaining, thought provoking and emotional journey which inspires people to take the road less traveled. You may root for all, but only one can win. FIREBALL RUN is a 26 episode streaming series in the U.S., which is televised in foreign markets.

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