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1955 Valmobile Suitcase Scooter

Written by Motorcyclepedia

The Valmobile Suitcase Scooter is one of the world’s most interesting scooters. Designed by French inventor Victor Bouffort, it was extensively marketed in Japan, America and Europe, but did not meet with great success. It missed the scooter boom years of the fifties, and was adversely affected by the flood of Japanese mopeds in the early sixties which killed off all competition from European manufacturers. It did sell in small numbers in America, as there was a niche market there for small scooters. It was also far superior to any of the American models.
Of course it was nicknamed the suitcase scooter because when it was folded it looked like a suitcase.

Capacity 49.9 cc
Bore: 41 m/m
Compression Ratio: 6.4: 1
Horsepower: 2.8 HP – 6000 r.p.m.
Starting System: Kick system
Transmission: Automatic stepless
Fuel Tank: 6.53 gal.
Fuel consumption: 168 miles at 30 MPH
Speed: 32.5 MPH
Ignition: Fly Wheel MagnEto
Ignition switch: Key
Weight: 94.6 Lbs

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